• How to stabilize pea gravel LawnSite™ Lawn Care

    Apr 09, 2015· Take it dry and rake it in with the pea gravel,you dont want too much cement sitting on top . Take a sprinkler and wet it down,it will tighten it up,still be looser stones on top. Click to expand

  • How to Coat Over a Pea Gravel Patio DoItYourself

    Make sure that the pea gravel is dry for at least three days before the application or else the binding solution will not adhere. Wear rubber gloves and follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines in mixing the binding solution. Pour or sprinkle the binding solution over the pea gravel

  • Undergravel Filters: Maintenance And Alternatives

    Jan 01, 2012· A good rule of thumb for filter flow rates is no more than four or five aquarium volumes per hour. Perhaps even better than a canister filter in its capacity for biological filtration is a trickle, or wet/dry, filter. In this design, aquarium water is dripped or sprayed over a bed of substrate medium on which the nitrifying bacteria grow.

  • Why Undergravel Filters Fail- Clogged Gravel Becomes Toxic

    >Over time, gravel at the bottom of the pond will clog with leaves and other debris that is blown into the pond, as well as 100% of the fish waste. Clogged filters force water to "channel" around the media instead of through it.

  • How to Harden Pea Gravel Hunker

    The most common reason to harden pea gravel is for decorative walkways. Pea gravel usually has smooth edges and if laid on the ground in a loose fashion, it will quickly spread all over your yard. You can prevent this by using the pea gravel as the coarse aggregate in your concrete mix.

  • Should I use pea gravel in my sand filter Trouble Free Pool

    Jun 03, 2018· Sorry to bump an old thread but it was never really answered. I'm putting in a 27" hayward that doesn't say anything about pea gravel but I've seen several posts that either recommend it or say it certainly wouldn't hurt. I bought a couple bags of: Shop Rock City 0.5-cu ft Pea Gravel at Lowes It's regular landscaping pea gravel.

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  • The Undergravel Filter Controversy

    The two basic things you want in your aquarium are a good filter media base for strong biological filter growth, and clean, clear water. The UGF is a plate type filter that is designed to pull water down through a media base ( substrate ) that sits on top of the plate, trapping particles in

  • Under Gravel Filter w/ Sand 222889 Filters and Filtration

    Apr 05, 2016· Hi. I'm thinking of upgrading my 38 gal bow front aquarium sometime soon to a 55 gal and want to try putting black sand in it instead of the black gravel I have now. I'm willing to do some suctioning, but I would so prefer to not have to do as much and I hear sand not only looks better to some people, but it also is easier to maintain.

  • Pea Gravel or Bare Bottom Pros/Cons [Archive] Koiphen

    Oct 03, 2016· cleaning sand / pea gravel / rock in an small few hundered gallon pond, ok, i will bite. i know i wouldn't want to do it, but some folks do and have. cleaning sand / pea gravel / rock in a 3,000 plus gallon pond. is a completely different story, were it is no longer 15 minutes to a couple hours, but can be an entire weekend.

  • How To Build A Stable Pea Gravel Path Lush Landscapes

    May 04, 2014· What you need to do is take off the pea gravel, compact a good base for it, and use maybe an inch of the pea gravel over the top. Plate compactors are awesome, though. They make the job go MUCH faster. I am using a gravel and DG base tamped with a rented plate compactor on my current job, and it’s ed really well and stood up to a few

  • 3 Ways to Dry Out Dirt wikiHow

    Sep 28, 2020· Spread 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) of gravel over the surface of the soil. Pour one or more bags of fine pea gravel over your site and use a shovel or rake to disperse it to an even thickness. Working a small amount of gravel into the soil will create some non-absorbent space between the individual particles, letting more air in and

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  • How to Use and Install Soil-Cement The Spruce

    After tilling is complete, spread the required amount of dry Portland cement powder over the surface of the paving site. Generally, a layer about 1/2 inch thick (or 2 to 4 pounds per square foot) will be sufficient. A 40-pound bag of dry Portland cement will cover about 20 to 40 square feet. Spread the cement in an even layer using a garden rake.

  • TechniSoil 5-gal. G3 Commercial Surface Bottle-CS5 The

    G3 'ONLY' s with 1/4" or 3/8" minus decomposed granite or crushed stone. Gravity will make the JSS liquid simply filter between any pea gravel or pebble and it will not hold (for very long). We do manufacture a product made specifically for pea gravel and beach pebbles, EkoFlo.

  • Avoiding common errors with paving stones & Asphalt driveways

    Then you can either sprinkle it with water, or wait for the rain. The water will cause it to swell, tightly filling all the space between stones and then dry in that expanded position. If cracks show up because of stones moving -- from settling or from heavy use -- the next time it rains, the material expands again, self-healing any cracks.

  • Epoxy Coating Removal Home Guides SF Gate

    Epoxy Coating Removal. Epoxy coatings are commonly used on high-traffic areas such as garage floors because they wear well and require very little maintenance. However, problems frequently arise

  • Irrigation Water Filtration & Filter Recommendations

    Irrigation Water Filtration & Filter Recommendations. Why a Filter Water filtration is important for all irrigation systems. Now before someone argues with me, yes, some sprinkler systems are used to spread solids, such as treated sewage, for disposal.