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    Emergency Flotation Systems (EFS) are emergency systems installed on larger commercial and military helicopters in order to prevent the airframe sinking in the event of a crash landing on water. The floats may be packed within spaces inside the airframe or as externally mounted packs on the helicopter skids. The floats are inflated using gas stored in pressurised cylinders carried on board the helicopter.

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    Explore DART's collection of durability Flotation Equipment for Helicopters in our Helicopters Equipment section. Visit Dartaerospace! Explore DART's collection of durability Flotation Equipment for Helicopters in our Helicopters Equipment section. Our helicopter Emergency Float Systems (EFS) are lighweight and offer reduced maintenance

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    Helicopter Emergency Floatation Systems: Introduction. The helicopter emergency floatation systems is an emergency system which prevent the airframe from sinking in cases of crash landing on the water.

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    Oct 02, 2008· H130 Flotation System Approved by FAA and EASA, 15-Apr-19 : #flotation DART’ Emergency Float System (EFS) for the EC130B4 and EC130T2/H130 received STC approvals from both Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Canadian certification was granted last year

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    The avoidance of damage to high-mounted inflating/inflated flotation unit(s) due to debris generated by break-up of the main rotor on contact with the water; The overall integration issues caused by the required high-mounted flotation unit(s) interfering with other aspects of the helicopter design, e.g. maintenance accessibility and

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    Explore DART's large cho of durability Emergency Float Systems for Helicopters in our Flotation Equipment section. Visit Dartaerospace!

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    For more than 50 years, Safran Aerosystems has been the worldwide n° 1 in emergency evacuation systems for aircraft. Its expertise covers the design and integration of emergency flotation systems for helicopters, integrated life rafts, rescue kits and life jackets, as well as inflatable stretchers, composite containers, gas bottles, physiological clothing for pilots (anti-G protective suits

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    Emergency flotation systems are an important part of a helicopter, ensuring that they have as low of a chance as possible to sink or capsize in water during impact or a controlled ditching. To maintain flotation of the aircraft, helicopters keep pressurized cylinders inflated with gases that are stored for emergencies. A helicopter life raft is another critical component for safety, providing

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    A floatation system (10) for attachment to a helicopter landing skid includes a girt (30) dimensioned to be attached to a landing skid and a plurality of floats (90) attached to the elongate girt (30), wherein the plurality of floats (90) are adapted to be converted from a packed configuration to a deployed configuration, and wherein at least one of the plurality of floats (90) extends beneath

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    Helicopter Emergency Flotation Systems. Marotta’s state-of-the-art fast-response inflation valves and bottles for helicopter inflation systems meet the stringent requirements of inflation times and reliability. Aircraft Evacuation Slides. In serv on several aircraft, our inflation valves control the flow of gaseous nitrogen to each slide